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About Us

Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting specializes in the distribution of wine and spirits in Mexico City and throughout Mexico’s 32 states.

We provide research, strategic advice in market-entry and growth strategies, business planning and execution as well as brand development, placement and marketing.

With strong established relationships across the country, we connect clients to the optimal business partners and offer full-service brand management to maximize sales, market share and long-term business relationships.

The Market Opportunity

Mexico’s vast territory, home to a population of more than 120 million potential customers, is enjoying a strong, stable economy and increasing affluence. Mexico currently commands the coveted status as the strongest market for luxury goods in Latin America. As discretionary income grows, Mexican consumers are increasing their expenditures on high-end products like fine wines and spirits.

The 8th most visited country in the world, Mexico has an extensive hospitality industry that served nearly 30 million visitors in 2014. UNESCO has named Mexican cuisine an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, fueling interest among locals and tourists alike for the finest cultural, dining, and wine pairing experiences.

Mexico is rich in outstanding opportunities for international purveyors of wines and spirits. But conquering a new foreign market involves significant challenges. Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting services will help your company mine the opportunities, optimize sales and achieve success.

Our Services

Drawing on our extensive experience in the Mexican wine and beverage trade, Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting crafts custom solutions for beverage groups, international distributors, wineries, and brands to establish and/or grow their business in Mexico.

Market Research

Get the most accurate and up to date information about Mexico’s geographic, economic, cultural/sociological environments, as well as wine market overview, consumption habits, market trends, distribution channels, regulation and key factors of success.

Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting manages comprehensive databases of importers, national and regional distributors, supermarket chains, specialty retailers, hotels, resorts and restaurants in Mexico’s top cities and wine business locations.

Our analyses are based on our own exclusive field research, with input from the finest data providers available, including Euromonitor, Nielsen, and government reports.

See our reports and access our market study: Doing Wine Business in Mexico.

Benchmark Analyses and Business Planning

Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting provides strategic advice to help your firm make profitable business decisions in Mexico.

We evaluate the potential of your brand in its competitive environment within the Mexican market and propose a “4P” marketing strategy: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

We offer tailored market entry strategies, business plans, financial planning and profit & loss analyses.

Business Development

Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting connects you with the right partners for importing, distributing and promoting your brand(s) nationwide. We can organize your prospecting visit, and/or establish contacts for you.

Once your brand is established in the market, take advantage of our independent brand management services to maximize your brand’s potential.

Brand Management

Your goal is to maximize market presence and sales. Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting helps you reach that goal by bringing your brand(s) directly to the target audience and enhancing brand awareness among those with the greatest influence.

Our independent brand management services can provide you with a clear perspective on strategy, insight and the most efficient use of your budget in order to realize your brand’s full potential.

• Growth Strategies, Quantitative: We craft strategies that promote your brand’s growth to increase your number of accounts, clients, and volume of sales.
• Growth Strategies, Qualitative: We’ll design a custom approach to help you build your brand’s identity by placing your brand(s) with the most influential professional tastemakers in the industry — the hottest hotels, restaurants, bars, and resorts — in order to reach your target audience.
• Reporting: Our regular reporting on your brand’s progress provides you with a clear view of your brand’s status in the market.

Wine Coaching and Sales Management

We’ll train and coach a talented professional sales force with your brand identity to energize your brand’s sales in multiple channels, and at each point of sale.

Wine and Spirits Exports

We connect purveyors of local Mexican wines, spirits, and artisanal beers with international distributors.

Mexico Wine & Spirits Consulting


Our flexible structure and dynamic team adapts to each client’s individual needs.



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“Mexico provides outstanding opportunities for international purveyors of wines and spirits. With our guidance, your company will enjoy a generous cut of a booming market.”

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